Nature Green 99.8% THC Distillate Pen

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The latest and greatest 99.8% THC distillate pen.  We’ve cultivated a purification process that allows the purest form of concentrates, meaning this THC oil is almost entirely unpolluted at 99.8% THC in the finished product.  This premium, clean method of vaporizing means no odor, no taste, and best of all is one of the healthiest methods of inhaling cannabis due to the lack of contaminants remaining after the distillation process has been completed.
This pen comes with a cartridge of 5ml of premium clear distillate oil, is compatible with most vape pen refills (including Flyte) and has a battery life that lasts 50-60 puffs on one charge.  Enhance the way you feel with the discrete 99.8% THC distillate pen, enhance the way you vaporize.

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Easy to slip into a pocket or purse, they are perfect for on the go, inconspicuous medicating.

*Every vaporizer has special ceramic coils for proper consumption of distillate. The sleek design allows patients to medicate with ease and discretely on the go.

*A high dose, potent product for pain management, insomnia, stress etc.

*The pens emit a sweet-smelling smoke and are discreet.

*Distillate is a high-grade marijuana product that is very potent, this product is for those with a high tolerance. (.5 g of Distillate in Pen, Pen cart is re -fillable about 2 -3 times.)

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